Thursday, December 06, 2012

Aku jatuh cinta semula?

Awak, kenapa kembali dlm hidup saya? Siap masuk berita TV3 lagi td! Arghh. I hate you when I started to fall in love with you again & again! But, you always dont care about my feelings! Ergh. Waste my time :( How can I stopped this fellind, when you always make a cute face & make me love you just the way you are! Hello Kitty ILoveYou!

In Shaa Allah. I will buy your cute stuff Hello Kitty. Kawaiiidaaa

Look that camera, melting ^o^
Aku rasa, if aku ada dlm kedai ni, aku susah nk keluar!
Hello Kitty's couple ring. Kiut miut :3
MP3 aku rasa, kalau lagu xbest pun jd best ni!
Okay yg ni seriously the cutest! Panda mix Kitty. :*

Jum aku ceritakan serba sedikit sejarah Hello Kitty.
  • 1974 : Dalam permulaan, Hello Kitty, didn't have any name. It was first seen as a kitty with a little red bow on its left ear, sitting down. However, Hello Kitty instantly attracted respect and love of thousands of people in Japan with its cute design and character, which turned Hello Kitty into an instant celebrity :) Tgk tahun tu, berapa dah ek umur Hello Kitty pd 2012? Aku pun lahir 1997 :p
  • 1975 : This cute kitty was finally given a name, called Hello Kitty. The very first item which featured Hello Kitty was a wallet, which was a very tiny purse with the picture of Hello Kitty embriod on its side. Dan tidak lama selepas tu, Hello Kitty's family diperkenalkan.
  • 1976 : The company Sanrio took the job of the main distributor and owner of Hello Kitty. After, Hello Kitty menaik di mata dunia. They celebrated Hello Kitty by creating a new pose for Hello Kitty. Instead of just a sitting pose, they made Hello Kitty a standing pose.
  • 1977 : Sanrio liked the new standing pose, and they decided to try a bit more. They made Hello Kitty to sit in a plane, piloting it. It was a very simple picture of Hello Kitty in a plane with its head sticking out. The school children loved it, even high school students and some adults were attracted to this cute new design. Oshem kan? :D
  • 1978 : This time, Hello Kitty was designed to ride a dolphin, along with other different styles such as in a car, in different places dan Hello Kitty dah ada bermcm uniform & style. Wahhh, makin comel la time neh, :*
  • 1979 : Diperkenalkan pula Grandpa & Grandma dlm Hello Kitty's family!
  • 1980 : Hello Kitty playing sport! Hello Kitty was in a tennis top and playing tennis. Holding a tennis racket and a ball, extremely cute and adorable. Hello Kitty digital watch was also released and went on sale that year, and more than a million watches were sold. Incredible!
  • 1981 : The range of Hello Kitty items on sale expanded to telephones and cameras also some more electronic products, which it continued to increase year after year. The first Hello Kitty movie was made, called "Kitty and Mimi's new umbrella".
  • 1984 : Hello Kitty photo design. This was to make Hello Kitty more realistic and made it seem closer to us. This process was a huge success at the end.
  • 1985 :Tiny Cham introduced. Hello Kitty baking a cake in the kichen, which also attracted lot of young parents.
  • 1986 : Passport shot of Hello Kitty's face. This extremely simply design became the offical logo for Hello Kitty for a while. This design was also seen on handbags, different clothing, handkerchiefs and lots more.
  • 1987 : Black and white Hello Kitty series. This design was aimed to attract more adults instead of teenagers or younger children.
  • 1988 : Cris-cross and straight lined background Hello Kitty is back. This design became really popular, and received large recongition from around the world. US CBS television started to show the first Hello Kitty cartoon on TV, "Hello Kitty's Fairy Tale Theater".
  • 1989 : English Hello Kitty comic series went on sale in US. This attracted even more fans because the reader could actually get a closer feel to Hello Kitty, it friends, family and life.
  • 1990 : Water droplets and snow background design developed. During the christmas it was even more popular with Hello Kitty in Santa-like costume with snowy background. Sanrio Puroland theme park opened in the same year as well.
  • 1991 | 1995 | 1996 : Flower series. Hello Kitty was hold a flower with flowers in the background. It attracted lot of female fans instantly.
  • 1992 : Fruit series. Hello Kitty was holding a fruit with fruits in the background. The design was changing depending on the season and the time of the year, to match the fruit and the color. It gave the fans a heart-warming feel.
  • 1993 : Hello Kitty design changed! The bow on her ear changed to a flower, a new start to this new look of Hello Kitty.
  • 1994 : Nurse series. Hello Kitty in a hospital and in a nurse's uniform! Hello Kitty was named the child ambassador of UNICEF in Japan.
  • 1997 : On my birthyear.Traditional Kitty design. Hello Kitty in traditional Japan clothing, also in school uniform, beach uniform, wedding gown. Mermaid Kitty was also a popular design.
  • 1998 : Kitty's House themepark opened, attracted thousands of visitors a day.
  • 1999 : Kitty baby series. This series was created in response to a strong request by young mothers who have been loyal fans of Hello Kitty since her debut. And this also Hello Kitty last year being created :D
Ekceli, cursor aku pun adalah salah satu character dlm Hello Kitty selain yg aku minat ia itu, Melody. So, thats all for this night. Assalammualaikum :)


Masmira Masri said...

comel jer kn hello kitty ni..ermmm polaroid tu mmg dlm wishlist kita..

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cik mun said...

comel btol hello kitty ni..

Anonymous said...

".. to love is to care, to care we must share..."
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Mas Erma Azni said...

@Masmira Masri Yup :D

Mas Erma Azni said...

@cik mun Tu sebab mas suka tu >< kawaiiiiiiii

Mas Erma Azni said...

@ketikketok In Shaa Allah (: