Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Your smile make my day okay

Dia comel sumpah tak tipu :D

The words “Be well” seemed so sad
So tears are already welling up
They fill up in between my eyes
So I try to hide it with my hand
I heard you telling me to be happy
But when I said I couldn’t go on without you
You said this is all for me
And I really hated you
Tears are falling – drip drip drip
My smile is disappearing – more and more and more
Because you once lived in my heart that I called love
And you have left me
Rain is falling – drip drip drip
I wonder if the skies know how I feel
I cover my eyes so I won’t hurt more, so I won’t see you anymore
I’m still in the same spot
Because you might turn around and come back
I count the memories one, two, three
As I stand in this place alone
What is love? What is separation?
Why is it only hurting me?
Making me never able to love again

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