Monday, March 11, 2013

Because Of You

When you said I won’t be able to see you again
I could have never imagined
I can’t live without you
Are you okay without me? It’s not over
Our memories that I shared with you
They still live and breathe in me
I can’t let you go
To me, it’s only you

Come back to me my 
I’ll show you the better world
Because I love you
I’m stupidly waiting for you like this, no no
Because I love you, I can’t easily let you go
I can only see you, you, you
Because of you, I can breathe
Words that I couldn’t bear to say on the day you left
I swallowed those words as I saw the last of your turned back
I should be your love 
I can’t live without you, I never
I will just stand next to you, don’t push me away
Although there is nothing more I can give to you
I can’t stand it without you, I want to be with you
I have no regrets, I am only looking at you
Even now, I’m thinking of how I can get you back, just know
I know that you’ll leave me, I know
But I want to protect you
I’ll show you the better world
"Tolong janji! Jgn pernah terlupa utk senyum dekat aku setiap hari..dan...jgn pernah terlupa utk panggil nama aku"

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