Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello and Assalammualaikum princess and prince.
Im so excited when my teacher said in our class today, that tomorrow new student will come. Untungla ada gf/bf yg akan masuk sekolah tu besok. Yg gf/bf diorang bukan main hepi harini hahaha. Confirm laa, buah hati nk satu sekolah kan? Sapa tak melompat! :) *but not me*

My 2013 began with tears. To much tears I waste. Seriously, to much! I cant change it anymore even I want to :( Im sorry for last night.. its my fault. My big fault. I want you to fulfill your promise.. 

Im not ur future, you not my future ANYMORE. fOrEVeR. Thanks make my day better. Thanks for making a smile on my face everyday. Thanks for everything. Thanks for make me laugh. Thanks for OUR memories. ALL memories are means to me. I appreciate your patient  to face me everyday. I appreciate your cares. I appreciate whatever u did to me along we know each other.

Khas utk awak,
Myb to forget you need a thousands years, but its okay. A thousand years means, the love always in my heart forever.

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