Sunday, April 14, 2013

You The Star In My Heart

I guess I only have you, I guess that’s how it is
I only think of you alone
When I see good things and go to good places
It reminds me of you.
I just stare at my phone and think, you'll come, you won't come
Tonight, I'm talking to you by myself in my
Even if you can’t feel me, please know this
Should I take out my  that I hid inside my pocket?
I really like you, I’m hungry for your 
But when I’m in front of you, the wall called you is too high
*Do you know my ? Do you know?*
You don’t know that there’s a girl like me
You don’t know me, again today, I’m filled with worries at your thoughts
*You don’t know my , you don’t know*
Should I leak my feelings a bit so you’ll find out? Should I just surprise you and confess to you?
Drip drip drip – as much as the rain drops
I think of you
Trust me, I’m always in pain by myself
Without you, I will be alone forever
I just wait as I prepare to face you
On rainy days like this, I always imagine walking with you
I only have you in my  but you just don’t know. I’m so upset!
*Do you know my? Do you know?*
Instead of binoculars, I like a microscope
From the start, I want to look at you closely, I want to know you
*You don’t know my , you don’t know*
Just by thinking of you, my gets so healthy
Look, my  has grown this much
I earnestly pray
To stay forever by your side
That all my dreams can become reality
That you will be brightly smiling in front of me when I wake up in the morning
What should I do? Can I do this?
I can only see you
Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing
I’m looking at you
Drip drip drip – as much as the rain drops
I think of you

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